Consulting & Credit Services

Tax Incentive consulting services are offered through a TIF affiliated company: Tax Incentive Consultants, LLC (“TIC”). TIC consulting services can help companies engaged in a range of activities benefit from government incentives, including:

Identification and underwriting of a transferor(s) of credits

New construction or lease renewals

Recurring capital at existing locations

Relocation, expansion or consolidation of facilities



Job training


Research and development

Investment in machinery and equipment

Mergers or acquisitions

Credit Services

TIF services relating to the purchase, sale or transfer of tax credits include:


Identification and underwriting of a transferor(s) of credits

Identification of credits that the Company could potentially sell/transfer

Maximizing the amount of credits that can be earned

Negotiation of the price, quantity, and terms of transfer of credits

Maintaining the anonymity of the buyer and seller

Preparation and filing of all documentation and forms required by the states, including their administrative agencies, (e.g., departments of revenue and economic development offices) necessary to effectuate the transfer of the credits

Assistance in establishing appropriate legal structure, if necessary

Documentation of positions supporting the use of the credits and that the transfer of the credits will be sustained by the applicable state departments of revenue