Tax Credit Syndication and Consulting Services

Tax Incentive Finance “TIF” advises, structures and aligns project owners and tax credit investors to maximize return on investment and tax credit equity. We are dedicated to providing our corporate clients with the highest level of service, education and investment implementation in the tax credit marketplace. As part of a team we will assist to structure and implement the most efficient tax credit investment strategy that achieves our client’s desired outcome.

TIF and its affiliated companies, Tax Credit Finance, LLC, TCF HTC Fund, LLC and Tax Incentive Capital, LLC assist clients on their federal, state and local tax incentives, tax credit investments and equity and financing requirements.

TIF’s clients have been able to lower their effective tax rates, secure tax credit equity, increase their cash flow, increase their after-tax earnings, and potentially improve their corporate image.

For all your tax incentive needs, we're here.

Our leadership team has decades of experience, which makes providing stellar service a breeze.

State Tax Credits

One of the most recent successful rehabilitation tools has been the implementation of state historic tax credits. TIF’s in-depth experience and knowledge in the state credit field has ensured that developers’ and investors’ expectations are met and assumptions are accurate early in the process.

Federal Tax Credits

The Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit (HTC) encourages the preservation and reuse of the nation’s built infrastructure by offering federal tax credits to the owners of historic properties. The tax credits represent a dollar-for-dollar reduction of federal taxes owed.


Tax Incentive consulting services are offered through a TIF-affiliated company: Tax Incentives Consultants, LLC (“TIC”). TIC consulting services can help companies engaged in a range of activities benefit from government incentives

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